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Chronicling Matrix


December 2018



Project Description

The aim of this project was to track our activities and habits for 11 weeks, then make a publication using that information represented in infographics. There was quite a lot to discover about myself during this project.

Index Spread
Index Spread


Keeping track of all my activity as I went day by day was quite a task. I was constantly inputing data into spreadsheets whenever I did something. It helped to have some apps on my phone, making things a bit easier. While collecting all this data I also planned for how I would want this book and its infographics to look.

Software Galaxy


Once enough data was collected, I began by designing some of the infographics. I wanted to keep things simple and legible, as some infographics can become a tad confusing. That was not my goal here, I wanted people to understand easily without needing much translation.

Music Graph
Software Galaxy Page


The result of the 11 week’s worth of tracking was a rather intriguing book. With its vibrant colours and its somewhat retro style treatment, Chronicling Matrix stands out as a piece that reflects my everyday life.

Chronicling Matrix