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Faze Shoes and Ensemble

FAZE Shoes


December 2018



Project Description

The goal of this project was to package a brand I created. Something interested me in packaging shoes, so I designed the brand and named it FAZE.

Faze Box
Box with Ensemble


Designing a container for the shoes was the primary concern of the project. It took a lot of trial and error building paper boxes to get the shape and dimensions correct, but once I did, that’s where the fun began.

Spray Bottle
Laces and Manual


For the shoe box, I envisioned it standing upright rather than being the traditional flat rectangular box we are so used to. It’s shape and lid was inspired by a Zippo lighter.

Stacked Shoes
Price Tag Sticker
Opened Box


The outcome was a shoe box that fit both the shoes vertically, and also contained the other merchandise above the shoes on a tray. With the branding, FAZE stands out as an athletic and energetic product.

FAZE Shoes