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Papier und Druck


November 2017



Project Description

The mandate of this class project was to design and create a book using the content taught over a semester about paper and printing. The book had to include written text, original images and graphics made to represent some of the information visually.

Tin Box on Wooden Table
Tin Box open to reveal Print Book
Hand lifting print book out of tin box using a fabric tab
Hands holding open a book spread


To take a semester’s worth of information and teaching material and design a book out of it before that semester’s end is quite the task. The book had to be worked on every week since we continuously received new information to place within it. Managing the content and the influx of new information all while staying on production to meet the deadline taught some very valuable skills.

Close up highlight of text
Hands holding open a spread about ISO standard papers


The book and its concept had to be unique, something that was fun to produce and exciting to work on. Envisioning a unison of metal and paper from the start, I planned to have this book sit in a fabric-wrapped foam bed inside a tin container. It gives the whole project a very industrial feel, thus reflecting the nature of the paper and printing industry. This book can be used as a manual to help designers or printers alike better understand various things about paper and printing techniques.

Hands holding open a spread showing the process of paper making
Divider page


The outcome of the finished book and container convey an industrial and technical impression, and transforms the entire project into a tool to learn from or to consult. I named it “Papier und Druck”, which is German for “Paper and Print”. It just made it feel more technical and saying it is quite enjoyable.

Print Book Cover
Papier und Druck