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Junkbox Poster

Junkbox Poster


May 2018



Project Description

The objective of this project was to design and produce a screen printed poster using the correct techniques that were taught to us. Then having to learn and apply these techniques using both photographic and vector elements.

Junk Drawers


I had to learn how to combine a halftone image with vector elements and apply the appropriate screen-printing techniques such as knock outs and trapping to achieve the desired outcome for a two colour screen-print. All while maintaining the registration when using a handheld squeegee and screen-printing inks.

Screenprint Junkbox Poster

Solution & Approach

The goal was to achieve a high quality screen-print that accurately resembled the designed poster which incorporated a halftone image of a drawer and its contents and vector elements. Registration had to be maintained while applying the two inks, which required meticulous precision and various test runs. Careful planning and forward thinking of how the two inks are applied to the paper allowed for a good execution of the project.

Junkbox Poster