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Rachel Whiteread Book Cover

Rachel Whiteread


December 2018



Project Description

The mandate of this project was to design a book jacket when assigned an artist at random draw. I chose Rachel Whiteread, an English artist best known for her sculptures. Afterwards, interior spreads would be created and adapted for use on a digital tablet.

Book Spine
Book Spread
Book Spread


The book and it's concept had to be unique, something that was fun to produce and exciting to work on. Envisioning a unison of metal and paper from the start, I planned to have this book sit in a fabric-wrapped foam bed inside a tin container. It's gives the whole project a very industrial feel, thus reflecting the nature of the paper and printing industry. This book can be used as a manual to help designers or printers alike better understand various things about paper and printing techniques.

Book Spread


The outcome of the finished book and its tablet version is a clean and sophisticated art book. The layout is dynamic and respects the use of large images to best show Rachel’s work.

Book Spread
Tablet GIF
Rachel Whiteread