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Kouichi Kimura Box Front View

Kouichi Kimura


December 2018


Packaging & Publication



Project Description

The objective of this project was to design a book showcasing an architect and then build a box to house it and a USB key. The box had to mirror Kouichi‘s style and simulate their work, also staying conscious of the environment impact of the materials used.

Box Angled View
Box with Book and USB Stick


Everything about this project had to be carefully planned, measured and tested before production of the final book and box could be executed to avoid costly mistakes and waste. Since the book had to be housed in the box and feel comfortable within it, its size determined the proportions and size of the MDF box.

Close up of Box


Developing concepts for both the book and box, then compiling images and text to produce the book ahead of beginning to build and test rough box prototypes was important to achieving a successful project. Once the book was complete, it was time to build that box. It was a grueling task, but I was quite satisfied with the results.

Table of Contents Book Spread
Project Spread of Book


Careful planning and execution of the building process allowed me to craft a box that perfectly fit the book. Together, the book, USB and box represent Kouichi’s unique minimalistic style in architecture.

Image Spread of Book
Overhead Shot of Box
Kouichi Kimura