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May 2018





Project Description

The mandate of this class project was to create two options for a visual identity of an assigned company, starting with the name and logo. From there, developing a stationery kit and applying the identity to a range of appropriate applications for the brand.



In the retail world, brick and mortar music stores are disappearing slowly with the ever-increasing digital platforms and music streaming services. People are not buying physical forms of music to keep these stores in business, and those who can’t adapt their services and offer attractive products, find it tough to survive. Badum-Tsss looks to offer a vast selection of products and services that would establish it as an answer to the void left behind from the recent decline in music stores.


The objective was to create a vibrant visual identity that would be adaptive for various applications and that would speak to the young and creative target group, while also appealing to all music lovers. Since music appeals to generally everyone, the visuals were tailored to a young musician target group. The unique twist of Badum-Tsss wanting to stay relevant in the digital age, and have a strong web presence and online store also dictated the flexibility required of the visual identity.


The main elements of the identity originate from the time and sound relationship that comes from music, with vibrant colours to evoke that the overarching theme is energetic and rhythmic. The brand identity feels current and leaves the thematic to be applied in a diverse and modular manner across a range of applications.