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Elmer Cow

Elmer’s Glue


May 2018




Social Media Ads

Project Description

The mission here was to create an advertising campaign for a company from a specified industry. Posters were made and adapted for social media use, which incorporated the tagline that was conceived for the campaign. I chose to work with Elmer’s Glue.

3 Poster Advertisments
Broken Heart


Coming up with the tagline and a visual family to use on multiple posters and apply that design to different formats was the key challenge. The treatment of typography and visual style had to be harmonious and complementary to each other. Creating an advertising campaign that is both alluring and appropriate for display in public, with a positive tagline to promote the company and product.


The first step was to conceptualize a family of visuals paired with a tagline that would be appropriate for both the brand and public display. The target audience for a product such as Elmer’s Glue can vary from children to adults who would buy the products for themselves or their children or classrooms. The visuals had to be positive and eye-catching, and I chose to use simple objects with vibrant colours that were being repaired using the glue to exhibit its quality and flexibility.

Broken World
Broken Piggy Bank
Bus Shelter Ad


The result was an advertising campaign that is flexible for various formats, and easy to discern. At the same time, promoting the company and product in a positive and effective manner using a whimsical and lighthearted approach.

Elmer’s Glue