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John Cage


May 2018



Project Description

The purpose of this project was to take a musician and listen to an album of theirs, repeatedly. Until their music formed a myriad of pictures and shapes in our heads, with the rhythm and tone of that music building a mood within us. Then to take all the ideas we had in our heads and get it out by sketching, beginning the process to designing a poster about them and their music.


The challenge was to listen to an album of John's and then represent him and that music on a poster using visuals paired with typography. I didn't imagine it would be easy when I first started listening to the album Four Walls, as it was very different from what I usually listen to. However, once I immersed myself in his sound I soon discovered my direction.


Resembling his sporadic rhythm of music, I developed an array of marks that formed a new visual language used to create patterns, arrangements and depth in the poster. These marks or glyphs were heavily inspired by the piano, which is a strongly prominent instrument in his music.

John Cage